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New Product: ZEOZORB® Desiccant Breathers

ZEOZORB Breathers

(Cookstown, NJ) ZEOZORB® is proud to announce the release of our new ZEOZORB® Desiccant Breathers. Historically, various industries have used Desiccant Breathers to protect equipment against moisture ingress and particulate contamination.  ZeoZorb Inc. has launched a higher performing Desiccant Breather using ZEOZORB® zeolite as the active adsorbing agent, reducing moisture content down to 100ppmV (parts per million by volume) or better.  To further improve upon the standard desiccant breathers found in the market, the ZEOZORB® Desiccant Breathers incorporate a non-mechanical air control device eliminating the possibility of mechanical failure due to a sticking valve.

Unlike Desiccant Breathers that use Silica Gel as an adsorbent, ZEOZORB® Desiccant Breathers use Zeolite, creating the ability to use these breathers in a higher temperature range due to Zeolite’s increased moisture retention capabilities at those high temperatures.

This increased service temperature coupled with the ZEOZORB® Desiccant Breather’s superior adsorption capabilities and non-mechanical breathing device make this a product your facility can’t do without.  Contact the ZEOZORB® Sales Team to find out more!

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